Stop Garnishment In Georgia With Affordable Bankruptcy Attorney!
Posted on March 30, 2016 | Posted By Attorney Brian Poe

As an affordable bankruptcy attorney practicing in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area, I have found one of the best reasons for an individual or couple to file bankruptcy is to stop garnishment of their wages.  I have also found the stop garnishment objective to be the most popular reason as well.  A garnishment action takes place because a creditor has filed suit against a person for non-payment of a debt obligation. Once the lawsuit has gone through the proper legal procedures, a judgment is issued. A creditor may apply to garnish wages until all the debt owing is satisfied. The only realistic way to stop this garnishment action is to file a bankruptcy.

Filing a bankruptcy creates what is called an “automatic stay.” This stay puts a hold on all creditors from any further collection efforts, including any creditor garnishing your wages. Once your bankruptcy is filed, Georgia Bankruptcy Attorneys (a division of Brian Poe & Associates, Attorneys, PC) and our staff will notify the garnishing creditor that your case has been filed.  At this point, your stop garnishment objective is achieved!  For many clients, we are even able to recoup some of the garnishment funds that have already occurred.

Georgia Bankruptcy Attorneys (a division of Brian Poe & Associates, Attorneys, PC) is an affordable bankruptcy attorney law firm that will properly prepare and file your bankruptcy papers and handle all your creditor wage garnishment issues.  Whether you are motivated by the stop garnishment objective or simply have a general interest in filing bankruptcy, and need more information about Chapter 7 bankruptcy – or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we welcome you to set up an in person consultation with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer at Georgia Bankruptcy Attorneys (a division of Brian Poe & Associates, Attorneys, PC), an Atlanta law firm with satellite offices in Buckhead, Fairburn, Forest Park (Clayton County), South Fulton County (less than 10 minutes from the Atlanta airport), Union City, and various other locations, in addition to our downtown Atlanta office. An affordable bankruptcy attorney law firm with low rates in comparison to bigger law firms, we accept payment plans and offer other flexible pay arrangements if you have a job or other income, and are committed to paying.

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