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After all, money is at the root of this particular problem. Chapter 7, liquidation, or Chapter 13, personal reorganization. Our flat fee is included with the consultation with the client and analysis of the financial situation; preparation of the bankruptcy petition; reviewing the petition with the client; attendance at the meeting of creditors, known as a 341 meeting; and follow-ups with creditors, such as taking action to halt any post-filing collection efforts, if necessary. If you speak with another Law Firm other than us and they do not include the above, that should be a RED flag. Give us a call so we can assist you with your financial needs.
Bankruptcy Proceeding :

Our law firm is committed to providing you with an understanding of their legal rights and options before implementing a debt relief strategy that will work for the individual client

Our Commitment :

As part of each bankruptcy proceeding includes appearing in federal court before a judge, bankruptcy trustee, and creditors, our attorneys represent individual clients and appear with, and on behalf of, clients at these proceedings.

Qualification for Bankruptcy :

The process of determining your qualification for bankruptcy is called a "Means Test" which must be taken. Our attorneys will review your income and debts and, thereafter, determine whether your income level is below the average income in Georgia.If we determine that you qualify for Chapter 7 and/or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we will communicate the pros/cons of each form of bankruptcy based on your individual situation.

Means Test :

In a nutshell, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing allows a person to discharge most of their debt, with a few exceptions. A means test must be taken in order to determine whether a person qualifies for this type of bankruptcy. Generally, people with few assets are better served using this method. If you want to keep property like a home or a car and are behind on the payments on a mortgage or car loan, a chapter 7 case probably will not be the right choice for you. That is because chapter 7 bankruptcy does not eliminate the right

With Steady Income :

For those with a steady income who may be able to repay their debts, a Chapter 13 filing can be used to restructure the debt and repay it within 3 to 5 years. You should consider filing a chapter 13 plan if you: (1) own your home and are in danger of losing it because of money problems; (2) are behind on debt payments, but can catch up if given some time; and (3) have valuable property which is not exempt, but you can afford to pay creditors from your income over time. You will need to have enough income

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If you are facing a difficult financial situation due to mounting debts or, worst, or dealing with pending repossession, garnishment, foreclosure or harassing creditor phone calls, please call us at (404) 542-1713 so that we can set up an immediate confidential phone consultation.

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